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Double Volute Twin Screw Pump Series DSP

User Advantages

  • Twin screw rotors (screws and shafts) made from single piece bar stock
  • Maximum allowable rotor deflection limited to approx. 50% of the circumferential clearance between liner and screw under max. operating conditions
  • Screws manufactured to energy efficient design
  • Low-pulsation rotor design
  • Low-NPSHR rotor design
  • Torque transmission between the drive screw and the idler screw by herring bone gears
  • Interchangeable liner
  • Seal options with corresponding flushing plans available

Performance data
Q up to 5.000 m³/h (22.000 GPM)
t  up to +350°C
p up to 100 bar
v up to 100.000 mm²/s (cSt)
Higher flow rates upon request.

Construction Materials
Pump casing: 1.0619 or 1.4408
Casing insert: 1.0619 or 1.4408
Casing cover: 1.0425 or 1.4571
Screws: 1.7227 or 1.4542
Shaft seal: Depending on the actual operating conditions
Upon request, Klaus Union Twin Screw Pumps, Series DSP, can be offered in special construction materials matching the particular application.