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Submersible centrifugal pump (vertically mounted version)

Design features

  • Vertically mounted, one-stage centrifugal pump
  • Available with either an enclosed or unenclosed impeller and a liner wall
  • Impeller integrates a hydraulic assist mechanism 
  • Shaft wet-mounted in radial SiC bearings in the support tube
  • Roller bearing packed in grease in the bearing lantern
  • Separate pressure line extends to above the support flange 
  • Shaft sealed via a face seal and gland packing
  • Design based on API 610 available on request

Technical data
Q up to 1,000 m³/h with 50Hz / up to 1,200 m³/h with 60Hz
H up to 150 m with 50Hz / up to 215 m with 60Hz
t from -100°C up to +300°C
p up to PN 16
Special constructions and higher outputs available.

Standard construction
Pump casing: 1.4408 oder 1.0619
Impeller: 1.4408
Shaft: 1.4571
Shaft sheath: 1.4571
Internal bearings: silicon carbide
Bearing carrier: 1.0038
Shaft seal: according to product and/or customer specifications
Other materials available